Robotics City Kanazawa      February 25th ,2017

There are original robots.
junior resarchers
junior resarchers

Junior researchers of DKT robot school (elementary school children) did demonstration and presentation of their original robots in ❝”KANAZAWA IT FESTIVAL 2017❞
Kanazawa has a long history of robotics. In the Edo era, Kanazawa had a culture of mechanical works, which is called Karakuri, an ancient wooden robot.

Karakuri dolls

Kanazawa will continue to lead robotics in the world. DKT will focus on robotics, ICT and science education. DKT has been working on activities to make the next robot researchers and engineers since 2011.
A4In the DKT robot school2017, student researches to create their own original robots. The junior researchers engage on their own creative activities mainly in the FMT laboratory. Researchers, professors, and engineers do the technical support of the junior researchers’ activity.

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