Welcome to D.K.T.!


~Joint to the world!~

D.K.T. will enable curious people to connect to the world through ICT/Robotics.


D.K.T. is making the next generation top guns. We give environment to engage in ICT and Robotics.

If you are not satisfied in the environment for studying and engaging in a project of ICT/Robotics and if you think you are curious in ICT/Robotics, D.K.T. can satisfy you. D.K.T. can provide you 3 best things : The best people for doing a ICT/Robotics project together, the best knowledge for studying ICT/Robotics, and the best information about ICT/Robotics events/conference/symposium/camp.

Hello, my name is Kensei Demura. I am a high school student , a robot engineer/researcher, a developer of the National Institutes of Informatics SIGVerse project, and the president of D.K.T.


I have been developing more than 10 robots and I have participated to numerous ICT/Robotics Competition/Conference/Symposium. I have become the first Japanese high school student to win a 3rd place in the RoboCupJapanOpen2014@home simulation league which institutes ,University laboratories, companies, and researchers participate. I was the leader of the Schoolastic International ICT Innovation Competition of China Japanese national team 3 years in a row, and we Japanese team achieved the Award of Excellence there. In D.K.T. , I have been teaching children about robotics/programming/ICT/science/mathematics/mechanical engineering with Kanazawa Institutes of Technology University students and professors, as an assistant, lecturer.Also, I have been in the part of development of the teaching material of Robotics/ICT in D.K.T.,and the special lecturer to do robotics/programming training for the preparation of National/International Robotics competition.

D.K.T. have three years of experience opening a robot school. We have enabled our students to go to the international ICT competition (SICTIC) three years in a row. Also D.K.T. mobile application development team got an award(the mayor prize) in the Kanazawa city smart phone application contest which ventures and professional developers participate.

If you are interested in our organization or joining our organization, please contact



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Joint to the World !